Traffic Calming Petition

Alouette Valley Neighborhood Petition

We, the undersigned residents of the Alouette Valley, concerned citizens and visitors to Maple Ridge request that the City of Maple Ridge Engineering department take prompt action to address the major traffic issues that are negatively impacting the safety and enjoyment of the unique, fragile and precious Alouette River Valley.

Neighbourhood suggested strategies to achieve key deliverables in a reasonable and cost-effective time frame.

  • Vertical Deflection (Speed Cushions, slots, tables etc)
    1. Simple, effective and relatively inexpensive.
    2. Newer versions allow for free passage for emergency vehicles
  • In street Ped-Zone¬†signs.
    1. Simple, effective and inexpensive. Work without slowing emergency vehicles.
    2. Can be used in crosswalks, wildlife crossings and areas of reduced visibility i.e.bridges and curves. NO impact on wildlife, trees, properties or the river.
  • Restrict heavy truck traffic to local traffic only.
    1. Abernethy Way was built for commercial truck traffic, 132nd Avenue was built for rural traffic.
    2. New 232nd Street Bridge can now withstand the heavier truck traffic.
  • Direct Golden Ears Park/Alouette Lake traffic to continue straight on 128th Avenue and Abernethy Way.
    1. Increase visibility, message and number of signs on Abernethy Way.
    2. (Google Maps and most GPS currently guide travellers to 132nd Avenue, resulting in unnecessary traffic on the road)

The time has come for a sensible cost-effective and timely solution to the agreed upon goals for this community neighbourhood that is widely used and enjoyed by visitors and residents alike!

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