Traffic Calming Measures – Examples

June 4th, 2018
Vertical speed control
Vertical speed control elements manage traffic speeds and reinforce pedestrian-friendly, safe speeds. These devices may be appropriate on a range of street types, but are most widely applied along neighborhood, residential, or low-speed streets where freight traffic is discouraged.

Speed Cushions

Speed cushions are either speed humps or speed tables that include wheel cutouts to allow large vehicles to pass unaffected, while reducing passenger car speeds. They can be offset to allow unimpeded passage by emergency vehicles and are typically used on key emergency response routes.

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Speed Tables

Speed tables are midblock traffic calming devices that raise the entire wheelbase of a vehicle to reduce its traffic speed. Speed tables are longer than speed humps and flat-topped, with a height of 3–3.5 inches and a length of 22 feet. Vehicle operating speeds for streets with speed tables range from 25–45 mph, depending on the spacing.
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In Street Signs

  • The signs are flexible and have no metallic parts; will not damage a vehicle that hits the sign nor become dangerous projectiles to pedestrians • Signs can be removed for street cleaning.
    • Improved pedestrian safety
    • Low cost
    • Positive feedback

Ped-Zone Signs

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