Recreational Roadway and Traffic Calming

June 2nd, 2018
Horse Woman Braves 132 Av.

Horse Woman Braves 132 Av.

Currently, 132nd Avenue from 216th Street to 232nd Street is a major recreational corridor for equestrians, cyclists, pedestrians, runners, dog walkers, and wildlife. This resource is quickly becoming lost to the area because it is not designed to compete with the increase in traffic brought on by development. Rather than lose this resource, the Recreational Roadway proposal suggests that it can be enhanced and become a cornerstone of a future-thinking vibrant new community.

The proposal is to designate certain roads as recreational multi-use facilities that not only service cars but whose prime mission is the service of people. The proposal will result in safe recreational links between Maple Ridge Park, Horseman’s Park, the Equestrian Center, the dike system and the new 136th Street horse trail. We believe that this is a unique opportunity to enhance the lives of the people of Maple Ridge and it will attract a number of economic benefits to the area. The proposal supports and enhances the principles of the Silver Valley Area plan by increasing community inter-connectivity, and developing corridors for multi-use recreational activities.

The roads to be included in the Recreational Roadway System are 132nd Avenue from 216th Street to 232nd Street, and 224th Street from Horseman’s Park to 136th Avenue.

Kids trying to stay safe

Kids trying to stay safe

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Horse Council BC support

We are pleased to submit this letter of support for the Maple Ridge Recreational Roadway Proposal. The shared use roadway is a very exciting concept and we believe it has the potential to become a blueprint for safe and attractive recreational roadways in other semi‐rural communities in British Columbia with large equestrian populations. Horse Council BC feels that it is important to include and promote horseback riding in the planning and construction of roadways adjacent to equestrian properties and trails throughout B.C.

We also would like to point out that the construction of the Maple Ridge Recreational Roadway will bring a range of community benefits including increased safety of children, cyclists, hikers and motorists as well as equestrians, construction employment, promotion of health and well being through outdoor activities, and positive attention to the community and its leaders for their innovative and avant‐garde thinking. The roadway will attract more visitors and property buyers to the community, along with related economic benefits.

Lisa Laycock, Executive Director Horse Council BC
Isabel Pritchard, VP Recreation Horse Council BC

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  1. Nona Coles
    October 13th, 2009 at 15:06 | #1

    It is unsafe for me to walk down my own street with my children. I’m tired of feeling “trapped” in my own yard because of the 132nd Speedway. The other night I was passed (in my car) by a speeding truck. Just as the driver sped past me a young coyote ran out in front of him. Thankfully, the coyote was missed by a hair. We need this plan in place NOW.

  2. December 13th, 2009 at 03:29 | #2

    this is a well thought out plan

  3. Elizabeth Lubenow
    May 14th, 2010 at 16:17 | #3

    The recreational roadway meeting was very well presented and I thank the volunteers for taking the time to put together the program. Hope the District will take notice.

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